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The government’s Directgov e-petitions website is one of our best chances of getting the TV tax scrapped. If an e-petition gets at least 100,000 signatures, it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons.

Here are some e-petitions that have been submitted (not by me). I ask for your help to have it debated, so please sign now and please let your friends know!

Go to >> TV Licencing

This is a petition to government to abolish TV licencing in favour of the BBC collecting revenue on a revenue collection pay-per-view basis just like the encoded channels on SKY and Cable broadcasters.

The BBC should not dictate if a person with a TV set can’t view other channels broadcast that are free and not subject to licensing.

Digital TV broadcasts via a method that means that the TV’s CI+ socket can take a decoder for channels that are protected from normal viewing.

The restrictive practice by the BBC needs to stop. People have the right to view NON-BBC media without fear of prosecution.

I urge this issue to be debated in parliament and to change the way in which the BBC collects it revenues in a more fair way.

Go to >> Scrap the TV Licence Fee

We ask the Government to replace the TV Licence Fee with a voluntary subscription. The commercial element of the BBC would be scrambled for non-subscribers and the public service content would be free to air.

The TV Licence Fee is responsible for 12% of court prosecutions. It criminalises poor people and forces people to pay for genuinely ‘free’ services funded by advertising.

The public are disgusted by recent developments ranging from exorbitant executive severance packages to alleged sexual abuse of a horrendous magnitude.

The BBC is an important British institution that should be contributing substantially to the national economy, not just exploiting the exclusive benefits of the public.

We argue that shifting to a voluntary subscription model is the best way to make this happen. It would allow the public the chance to make its own choices, as well as making the BBC more responsive to consumer demands and interests.

Go to >> TV Licence Abolition

UK citizens are being forced to pay for a service offered for free of cost to the rest of the world which is discriminate in concept. BBC are a profit making company and must therefore compete as a company, not benefitting by having an arrangement at the cost of the tax payer without offering a choice. None regulation has led to unrealistic pay and conditions and has resulted in various abuses at the cost of the taxpayer.

Go to >> Privatise The BBC

Taxing citizens to subsidise a biased broadcasting corporation is unfair and immoral.

In the digital age we live in, the BBC should be able to survive on advertisements and selling the rights to its various TV programs and even to charge a subscription if they wish to. ITV and Channels 4 and 5 survive without any contribution from a TV license Why Should the BBC be any different.

They have over 50 years of archive TV material as an asset that can be used to finance their ongoing operations.

It is time to stop charging this unfair tax which is punitive to those on lower incomes and not supported by the majority of the public.

We have privatised utilities, the railways, the bus services, it is time to privatise this dinosaur and allow other TV broadcasters an honest chance to survive in the market rather than compete with a monolith that has unlimited resources and skews the market place.

Go to >> Make the TV License optional

Reports suggest that BBC collected £3.6562 Billion last year from TV licenses. This money comes from the pockets of hard working people.

Whilst we are forced to hand over our ever-stretched money, the BBC are paying their TV stars staggering salaries of approximately £1M per year. The BBC have been generously lining the pockets of their senior executives with one employee reported to have received £450,000 after spending just 54 days in the job

So many households are struggling to cope with the high cost of living and the financial pressures of price rises coupled with lower than ever salaries. Despite this, we are forced to pay the BBC £145.50 to watch television even if we do not use their service. Being forced to purchase a TV license from the BBC using our hard earned salaries is modern day extortion.

I am simply asking for Parliament to review current legislation and only allow the BBC to collect Fee’s on a subscription basis and give the option to opt out.


After the aftermath of the public spending committee v/s BBC team, we have lost the confidence in BBC and their spending of the taxpayers money in this shocking way. Moreover, in this century of competition and BBC’s culture of ‘sweetening the contracts’ with taxpayers money, we, the undersigned would not like to pay TV licence fee anymore or at least want to stop BBC being funded by taxpayers money. we believe, bbc, like other media channels, should arrange the funds by other means but not taxpayers money.


That this Government should pass a law to compel the BBC (AKA TV LICENCING) to find sponsors and allow advertising to do away with this totally unjust tax and at long last join the 21st Century.

Go to >> Television Licence Fee

The people of this country were forced to pay £3.681 billion in 2011–12 to the BBC in tax while other television companies are able to survive without this taxation.

Why are the elderly still forced to pay this antiquated tax to the BBC until they’re 75, and then they can apply for a reduction? Privatise the BBC and make them stand on their own two feet and pay their bosses and employees out of money they have earned and not taken from the public.

I know this won’t be a popular subject as politicians are scared of the BBC but if the people don’t push then you won’t.


I want the TV licence abolished. This is an unfair and unjust way of stealing public money. We should not be held to ransom by the government whom dictate that we pay for a service that we may not want or need. We have plenty of alternatives and should be allowed our freedom of choice. Our choice is not to pay anything towards a service involuntary. As consumers we pay for independent TV and I believe that if the BBC wishes to continue then it should claim revenue as others do and not by force.

Go to >> End TV Licensing

Section 365 of that Act requires that a person to whom a TV Licence is issued must pay a fee to the BBC. The nature and quantity of this fee is set out in the Communications (Television Licensing) Regulations 2004 (as amended).

Licence fees makes up about 75% of the BBC’s income.

Everyone in the UK who watches or records “live TV” (content as it is broadcast) needs to be covered by a TV licence, regardless of what or how you’re watching.

“Live TV” is content at the time it’s being broadcast on a TV channel.

Why should the public be contributing to the profits of the BBC and allowing the BBC to pay executives and so called stars extortionate salaries for the privelege of showing “Live TV”.

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